Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Tiger poem by Shriya

My Animal Poem

By: Shriya
My animal is a tiger.
Image result for baby tiger
It’s fur is orange and black.
It has black stripes.
It’s nose is a light pink.
It’s nose is shaped like a heart.
It’s eyes are black and scary.
It loves sleeping.
It walks very quietly like a mouse.

It roars very loudly!

This week we have been reading about Zoo babies. We also went to the Zoo last Friday , we saw heaps of animals.

Zoo Trip

As I walked into the tasmanian devil’s home with my group, no one could see anything but as I walked further I saw one tasmanian devil sleeping and looked just like a dog. It’s face was different, very  different but the tasmanian devil’s habitat was wet and very soggy. Next we looked at the snake necked turtle and they were so creepy.  If someone would look at them they kept poking their heads out at us.

Swimming through the nice cool breeze jumping, thumping and gliding was a enormous, dark brown seal. One seal was laying there just like it was getting a tan.  Next we went to the elephants.  There were only only and their names were Burma and Anjalee.  I could only see one elephant and I didn’t know what her or his name was because all elephants look the same.

Next me and Hena suggested to go and see the rabbits but they are  not at the zoo anymore but then Sarah wanted to go and see the orangutans but they are now in Christchurch.  I'm the one who said that they are in Christchurch. After that we went and saw the penguins. They were so cute but I kind of felt really bad for them because they had such a tiny area.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Shriya's fair-trade ball

This term we have been learning about fair-trade .This week my class has been learning about fair-trade footballs. Did you know that some footballs are sewed by hand?

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Big vs Bigger

This week we have been watching the start of narrative and end it in our own words. We had to make sure that we had simple Sentences and compound sentences.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Shriya's Fair trade poster

This week we have been learning about Fair trade. Fair trade is a big world organisation .

I think Fair trade is a very good world organisation because they help poor farmers to get a equal amount of money.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Things families can do on a road trip

This week we have been reading The Reward it is about kids that kept calling out number plates.  I made a poster for what families can play in the car.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The three little pig's

The three little pigs

Once there lived three little pigs. They were always happy and they also had their own houses.They were all happy with their house’s. They also had houses that were made out of different things, like bricks ,straws and wood.  

One day they all went for a walk just to see what was going on in the neighbourhood. But then they all saw this awesome camping place, so they all went back home and got everything they needed because they decided to camp out for a few day’s.

So once they got everything they needed there they all went. When they all got there they were all so excited to start camping altogether because they all didn't see Shorthair very often because they all lived in separate houses. That was their first ever time going camping so they didn’t really know what to do but one of the pig’s decided to see if he had everything.

When he was looking through his stuff he didn’t see his tent,’’OMG I forgot my tent and don’t want to go back to my house,’’ said the pig that forgot his tent. So after a few day’s they all wanted to go back home, so they all packed their things and headed home. When they got home there was this wolf at their houses and he was trying to blow their houses down but the only house that survived was the brick house, so that means two didn’t survive.

The End

This week we have been writing fairy tales and we had to change our endings I changed my one to, after they came back from camping they saw this wolf trying to blow their house down but the only one that survived was the brick one.